Tiny Interior

To hopefully illustrate the Clipper’s tiny interior space, I’ve posted a few photos.  Actually, the Clipper has quite a lot of storage for a small trailer – a very nice feature.  But, to keep the trailer’s weight down, there are no drawers, only cabinets.  Lesson 1 – bins are great!  We purchased bins for every cabinet to help keep things organized – from clothes, to food, to personal items, and more.

The double bed, located at the front of the trailer, has a small entry-exit space.  I sleep next to the wall, so I have to make my husband, Bill, crawl out of bed in the middle of the night when I need to visit the bathroom.  But, thank goodness we have a bathroom!  Midnight bathroom visits were much more challenging back in our tent camping days!   Lesson 2 – move carefully getting in and out of bed to avoid bruising your body.

The bathroom does have shower/tub combo.  The tub is only big enough to bathe our small Cocker Spaniel, Mille.  (Shown here napping on the bed with Bill.)  However, it is so nice to take a shower in our trailer, and not have to rely on the campground showers!  Lesson 3 – move slowly in the shower or you will whack your elbows and knees!  I often hear “whack” and then “*^##@@%&**!!!!!!” when Bill is in the shower.

The kitchen has a microwave and a two burner stove – no oven (again, to keep the trailer weight down).  Because of its location under the counter, people often say, “Oh, you have a dishwasher”!  Nope – it’s just what I call our “low-lying fridge.”  The extra counter space is great, but finding things inside the fridge entails sitting on the floor.  Oh, and the fridge has an itty-bitty freezer inside.  Lessons 3 and 4 – try to organize the fridge so you can recall where you placed items – saves having to kneel for extended periods while trying to find that hidden apple or yogurt container!  And, if you’re on the road for more than two days, you will shop often.

The dinette comfortably holds two people and a small dog.  Entertaining can be a challenge – while visiting our son during a heat wave, I decided to fix him a special birthday dinner.   It was so hot, we had to eat inside the trailer (the trailer came with an oversized air conditioner – it’s deafeningly loud, but quite effective – it will freeze your head off!).  The three of us barely fit in the dinette – thankfully, we are a close-knit family.  Lesson 5 – invite company over only if the weather permits you to sit outside.

But, in spite of it all, we still love the little trailer.  You just have to plan ahead and be organized.



Bill and Millie cozy up for a nap


Kitchen – Microwave, Stove, and Sink


Refrigerator cleverly disguised as a dishwasher


Potty and Tub/Shower


L to R – big wardrobe, bathroom door, pantry, kitchen

Next post – our summer adventure begins!



The Clipper

The Clipper – hitched up and ready to go!

After losing our jobs during the “great recession,” we decided to retire and hit the road.  Since we already owned a small SUV, we decided to purchase a little trailer that the SUV could easily tow.  So, last summer, we sold our gorgeous red Mustang to pay for our adorable new trailer, a 19′ Coachmen Clipper.  We had a limited timeframe – hubby had to get back for jury duty – so we threw caution to the wind, hitched up our little trailer and proceeded to hit 8 states in 6 weeks!  A rather ambitious plan, don’t you think?  What a whirlwind!  I’ll be posting photos, stories, and lessons learned from our tiny trailer adventures.